About AIBP


"Our primary mission is to provide a platform to foster partnerships for profitable expansions of businesses between Alabama and India."


  • Simulate and support trade in goods and services, investment, joint ventures and technology transfers between companies and/or institutions in Alabama and India.
  • Develop and strengthen working relationships between the partnerships and relevant private and government agencies and industry leaders in order to respond to issues concerning Alabama-India business needs.
  • Support Job creation initiatives by the state.
  • Achieve greater understanding & awareness and closer relationship between Alabama and India in their way of thinking about commerce and trade.

AIBP accomplishes these objectives by affiliating with parallel domestic and international organizations and by developing governmental contacts in the US and India to bridge an access to business communities in Alabama and India; by arranging business workshops and seminars on trade between US and India; and by organizing meetings for those looking for business opportunities to enter into joint ventures, or to invest in Alabama or India.